“Jeanine has become my go-to-guru for audition coaching. She has the knowledge, insight and compassion to transform my half-baked reads into something dynamic and full of life. She’s always searching for more nuances and the specificity of moments to elevate my individual take on the character and she’s able to gently and effectively communicate how to find these colors within myself and bring them into my performance. Even more impressive is her ability to couch all of this within the framework of the play, film or TV show I’m auditioning for. In short, Jeanine is a goldmine and I know I’m bringing my best into the audition room whenever I work with her.”
— Vedette Lim
“Jeanine works with an attention to detail that has helped me uncover the deeper truths of many pieces of audition text. Her intelligence and emotional availability make her an excellent coach.”
— Stephanie Kurtzuba
Jeanine has coached me on numerous auditions, and I’ve booked a few jobs after working with her. One, notably, was a short film in which I starred and won some awards on the festival circuit. Jeanine is exacting, intuitive, helpful, knowledgeable and discerning. She has an eagle eye and knows how to help an actor craft a performance for film, while encouraging an unselfconsciousness and freedom! I love working with Jeanine and highly recommend her to all my actor friends looking for coaches.
— Tricia Paoluccio
I absolutely love coaching with Jeanine Bartel. As an acting coach, Jeanine brings the same depth, clarity and attention to detail that she brings to her own work. She is ‘an actor’s actor’ and knows how to pull out the best in her students. Jeanine pushes you past your comfort zone and into the core of the scene. She will help you book that job!!!
— Ursula Abbott
I was privileged to meet Jeanine Bartel over three years ago as a student in her On Camera/Audition technique classes at TVI Actors Studio in Times Square. She was a favorite faculty member and her classes were always full. A skilled and seasoned working actor herself, Jeanine would share her stories, strategies, and various experiences in such a way that you always left class having learned more than on-camera/audition tips. Her bubbly personality coupled with a disciplined approach to teaching gave night school just the right mix of hard work and fun. I did private coachings with her as well when I had big auditions or self-tape submissions. She always accommodated my schedule and prepared me to do well, emphasizing a relaxed, natural, conversational style of delivering my lines. Her insistence on our being off-book in class (and for our auditions) forced me to be prepared always when I enter a casting office.
I recently attended a play festival to watch Jeanine work on stage. The performance was brilliant. I enjoy catching her periodically on episodic tv shows, too.
Jeanine Bartel—a first-class artist with a special gift for teaching.
— Preston Smith

Jeanine has been an excellent acting coach for me for TV as well as theater auditions. She is has the ability to get to the heart of scene and guides me to make strong, appropriate choices for the character. She is also great at text analysis and navigating a scene is one of her many skills. I can’t recommend Jeanine enough, she’s fabulous!
— Laura Shoop
Jeanine is everything and more you could ask for in an acting coach! Her passion for the craft is truly inspiring and her dedication and investment to push each individual to their full potential is remarkable. Jeanine continuously offers genuine advice, support and understanding. She provides skills that are applicable far beyond the classroom and is such a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her to any student of acting! Thank me later!
— Nick Barrotta
Any actor needs support and a good platform to achieve creativity. Jeanine’s classes offer that and therefore I was able to unstick my frozen state and become more creative. Her classes gave me a perfect platform to shade the layers of ice so that I can start to slowly move and play… Jeanine gives great directives and feedbacks complemented by her own personal experiences about the industry. I really enjoyed learning with progress and also learned by observing other actors during the time we grow and play together.

During Jeanine’s class, the fun of playing is contagious, the laughter and the tears are often part of these long sessions. Her teaching is so generous and so encouraging that it makes the class unbelievably rich. Jeanine really has a great sense of observation while working with you privately or in group, often giving you great and realistic advice about being a working actor in this industry.
— Eric Pettigrew

Jeanine is everything that you can ask for in an acting coach. She has been so helpful in preparing me for auditions, workshops, and improving my acting abilities. Not only have I learned how to become a better actor from her, but as a dancer, I feel that my knowledge of acting has put me a step above other dancers in the audition room since I am able to connect with a story quickly and easily. Her help has made me a confident performer and has helped me in both tv/film and theatre. Jeanine is a supportive coach that made me feel comfortable from my first class with her and I have nothing but amazing things to say about her. If you are looking for a coach or teacher, Jeanine is who you should use!
— Cara Treacy