Less Heat In Arizona

Just wrapped this fun, crazy little diddy with the most amazing cast & crew. Written and directed by super-man, Tom Wardach, Less Heat in Arizona is more than a heist film,

its an adventure with a heart.

With Clyde Baldo, Anthony Robert Grasso, Michael Elian, and Gaetano Iacono


Prodigals' Road

"You play on the fields of the Gods... it's a dangerous game."

A piece about compassion written by the prolific Lisa Stock. 

How much will we give of ourselves to help another, a complete stranger?  When and how do we see those in need in ourselves? And when fate lays out your cards, do you take them willingly, resist with all your might or put up a fight?

With Jenilyn Rodriguez, Jason George and George Macaluso.


Dinner With Schwartzey

Dinner with Schwartzey, directed by the fabulous Melissa Skirboll and co-written by Melissa and Penny Jackson. Love working with these ladies! 

Sometimes history rears its ugly head and the night doesn't go as planned...


Exit Zero...and its a wrap!

What an amazing time shooting Page C. Anderson's hilarious comedy, Exit Zero. Directed by two powerhouse women Ms. Anderson and Dana Marisa Schoenfeld, I was so fortunate to work with the most talented cast and crew. Stay tuned for more info.